Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Monday, September 18, 2017

PAAx: Performance Assessment and Analysis just published

This book reveals the secret of success for performance assessment for all who want to become master organization improvement practitioners. It emphasizes the importance of rigor, evidence, holistic thinking, and careful analysis in designing capacity development efforts. A practical blueprint for every performance improvement professional.

An extract of the book can be downloaded here.

Order from Amazon or from IFNAE at this link.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

ISPI EMEA Conference - Bologna, Italy

KNO partners Mari Novak and Steven Kelly attended the recent EMEA performance improvement conference.

They were joined by colleague Ingrid Guerra-Lopez for a presentation on Performance Assessment and Analysis.

The presentation focused on "conundrums" when doing assessments in the field with examples from Rep. of Georgia, Macedonia, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia. Jordan and Vietnam.  

A copy of the handout is linked here.

photos by Juan Pablo Ortiz.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Successful completion of 5 year Rwanda capacity building effort

The 7th of June marked the formal conclusion of the 5 year USAID funded Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) project in Rwanda. Implemented by Development Alternatives Inc., KNO was the primary subcontractor providing technical performance improvement and HICD services. 

These included initial performance assessments, designing intervention solution packages, and providing specific expertise in areas such as strategy, monitoring/evaluation, quality assurance, advocacy and communications. 

A major component of the work was the support for a Performance Improvement oriented Community of Practice that evolved during the duration of the project into a chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rwanda Professionals Certified as Performance Driven Project Managers

During March this year, 14 Rwandan managers were certified by KNO experts through the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) with the PDPM credential.  This group was a subset of approximately 40 professionals who took an introductory workshop in November 2016 under the USAID HICD/R initiative, and subsequently undertook the strenuous 5 month certification process.  

The foundation of this work was the planning and execution of an actual project within their institution using the PDPM tools and methods.

The certification was led by KNO Partner Mari Novak and Senior Associate Timm Esque, and coordinated by Immy Mulekatete of HICD/R.  

An additional workshop sponsored by USAID HICD/R was held in March for health care professionals to support the delivery of their diverse health services work in Rwanda.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kyrgyz Consultants Strengthen Performance Capabilities

The end of March concluded the 6 month capacity development program for senior management consultants in Kyrgyzstan.  Funded by USAID, implemented by the IRG Good Government and Public Administration Strengthening project, KNO designed and delivered together with expert co-trainers the multi-module program.  

GGPAS LCCBP Team: Talent, Maia, Uran, Vladimir, Suiunbek

The entire effort, which included workshops, simulation, and a practicum with national Kyrgyzstan institutions, is described in a final report in Kyrgyz, Russian and English language. 

A downloadable copy of the final program overview and report (English from p. 145) is linked here.

Steven Kelly with Kyrgyz Consultants

Dr. Ingrid Guerra-Lopez leading strategy workshop

Note from Program Manager:  Today we had a closing ceremony of LCCBP program, during which USAID Country Mission Director personally issued certificates to consultants. Practicum organizations also attended the event and highly spoke of the recommendations they received to improve their institutions’ performance. Some organizations like the National Hospital were initially very skeptical about the ability of practicum team to successfully complete the tasks set before them. However, as the Chief Doctor of the hospital remarked today, senior management of the hospital were very puzzled by high quality of analysis and practical recommendations the team managed to develop in a very short span of time that would require no additional resources to implement on hospital’s side.

This is just one example of the extent to which local consultants benefited from LCCBP and learned to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge confidently.It is worth mentioning that consultants not only learned various tools and approaches, they also established networks and even partnerships. We are seeing a few of them forming teams and already realizing several projects. Every consultant learned something new from LCCBP and according to their feedback, most are already using acquired instruments, etc, in their professions. This clearly demonstrates the immense impact of the program that KNO developed.
Timm Esque facilitating a project management mapping exercise

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mari Novak Receives Prestigious Award

KNO Partner M Mari Novak was honored at the recent International Society for Performance Improvement conference with the prestigious Geary Rummler award for the Advancement of Performance Improvement.  In the short video below, she makes some comments after an introduction by ISPI President Klaus Wittkuhn.

New KNO Worldwide Website

Welcome to KNO Notes from the Field. Please note that all content from this blog (plus more information about KNO Worldwide) is now locat...