Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing Performance Driven Presentations Techniques

KNO recently introduced a new Performance Driven training program - Presentation Techniques.

Like all PD efforts, the training design and execution is based on ISPI's four cardinal performance principles:

  • Results Oriented Approach
  • Systematic Design and Techniques
  • Value-added for Participants (and institutions)
  • Partnership and Collaborative Structure

As a fully customizable program, PDPT is typically oriented to more experienced presenters. These professionals, already operating in the competence zone, build on specific techniques and feedback to improve incrementally in skill.

The emphasis of the skill building is on 4 elements depicted in the graphic below. 

The workshops include only short lecturettes, and provide primary focus on intense practice with continual expert and peer feedback. Video tape is used as a feedback and progress monitoring device, so that improved capabilities are easily discernible even after a short workshop.

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