Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taking a performance approach in support of civil society in Latin America

Our Client

In November KNO had the great opportunity for its first performance improvement project for a nonprofit network in Latin America.  

Funded by US development aid, the KNO team focused on working together with the leadership to identify opportunities to increase future performance in support of their democracy building mission.

The team used the well-tested performance assessment model of gap analysis with a focus on identifying root causes.  Deliverables included customized recommendations refined down to specific interventions with accompanying performance indicators for monitoring and ultimate evaluation

The intrepid KNO experts Jose Angel Valdez, Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, and Steven Kelly during a rare break in the action at midpoint

As usual in performance improvement projects, the emphasis was on finding ways to assist the client to achieve strategic results by focusing on improving effectiveness of core processes

The team of KNO experts worked closely with local analysts in support of the research and recommendation process. (from left: Jose Angel, Ingrid, Steven, Cecilia Eugenia, Adela Irene, and Martha Cecilia)

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