Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strengthening Regional Best Practices

Staff members from American Chamber of Conference offices in 4 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic) gathered below the Slovak Tatry Mountains (Nova Lesna) in late August for a two and a half day training.

The training targeted three objectives:
  • strengthening of professional skills
  • sharing of regional best practices
  • building inter-office relationships

Highly interactive, the focus of the program was on building individual skills in communication, project planning and execution, as well as time and resource management. As a portion of the learning, participants took on several outdoor simulation tasks to challenge their abilities and enhance skills.

Several illustrative photos below provide a small window on some of the physical aspects of the program.

This short video below shows several innovative (and entertaining) skits focused on sharing ideas of how to promote the Amcham message to new members.

The training was facilitated by KNO partners Mari Novak and Steven Kelly.

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