Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Performance Driven Training in Business

In celebration of KNO Slovensko's celebration of 20 years success in Slovakia, KNO sponsored a business breakfast for the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.


Attended by over 70 business managers, the focus was on:

Do you want to know how to answer the tricky question of CEOs and CFOs on training: „SHOW ME THE MONEY?“

Do you want to ensure that TRAINING BRINGS BUSINESS RESULTS?

  • Inspire yourself with vital principles and working approach of renowned professionals
  • Go through „pilgrimage“ learning process of a real case study
  • Share your lessons learned with colleagues

The facilitated workshop featured Steven J. Kelly and M. Mari Novak, senior partners of KNO Worldwide, both with 35 years´ diversified experience as performance improvement consultants, trainers and project development managers in 25 countries around the world.

Managers were introduced to the six cell Behavior Engineering Model  that identifies performance factors that are key to successful training outcomes in the workplace. 

As well, attention was placed on the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation method to improve design of training programs and improved transfer of skills to the workplace.  

Participant's walked away with the core principles of performance driven training that delivers real impact to the business bottom-line.

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